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$450.00 CASH

The MOST iconic jukebox every produced. The stunning 1015 CD replica has all the modern equipment in this classic art-deco design. Many styles to choose from Starting at $7,995.00  on sale through Dec.2016 for Just $7,595.00 Local delivery available.


NEW- Rock-Ola Digital Music Center

  • Storage for up to 2200 full length CDs
  • Full feature  remote control
  • AUX out and speaker jacks
  • Touch screen monitor for easy use
  • Stunning reel veneers and hardwoods
  • Suitable for home and office use
  • Rotating colors and bubble tubes
  • Ask for more details.  651 528 8701

Amp has been re-capped - has coin unit

Ottomen not included

Come Visit our ever changing Showroom with new and used equipment  and unique items!

1962 World Fair Pinball -- New rubber, cleaned and adjusted, ready to go!

                                                       Just $695.00


Rock-Ola professional jukebox

  • 100 disc capacity
  • Blue tooth equipped
  • LED lighting
  • 50,000 hour laser rating
  • full function remote control
  • Real wood veneers over solid cabinet
  • Real metal castings and chrome
  • 1600 watt amplifier.
  • Aux. Speaker out
  • Rotating colors and bubble tubes.

Very nice Wurlitzer 1250 Amp has been re-built with new caps and resistor values checked. Comes complete with 24 records 45RPM plays both sides.

Complete restoration services available on this unit.    

                              $3995.00 Cash or $4,495.00 Credit. 

Vintage Gameroom Repairs


Monday thru  Friday 11-7   Saturday 11-5  

   745 High St. Newport, MN 55055  Call 651 528 8701




Olympic Pinball New rubber shopped ready to entertain. SOLD

World Fair new rubber shopped $650.00                                                                Add 3% for credit cards

Real nice Seeburg "G" plays well has coin gear still and a free play switch on back. Amp had some re-cap work done. 

$4,295.00 Cash $4,495.00 Credit  *restoration available.

MSRP $8,000.00

ON SALE  $7,595.00 Cash


The game is really fun and has a very, very clean play-flied shows very little ware and the game plays well.  SOLD

Veroooom!  57' Chevy chair $2,495.00

Sittin' pretty on this light up chair !

ON SALE $1,595.00

Operational good sounding Wurlitzer 750

This unit is SOLD and will be completely restored.

745 High St 1 & 2 Newport MN 55055

Phone 651 528 8701

Wurlitzer 1015 working w/coin gear complete unit  needs restoration

ASIS $3,995.00 Credit $5,395.00--  Restored *$9,500.00 Cash $10K Credit

Digital music centers Starting at $7,995.00

The "Gazelle" shown is $8,295.00

Very Nice Wurlitzer 500 older restoration

                       JUST  $2,995.00

Missing title board only.

Do YOU have an old game or jukebox you want to part with?

Let us take it off your hands, we'll come pick it up.

Have a machine to sell, send a photo to me and you're price
to consider.

Very Nice Seeburg "G"  survivor

Complete with records and

matching title strips

good sound works great $4,295.00

cash and carry

NOTE: 45 RPM records are very easy to acquire - load and play!

Thousands of brand new records still being pressed and millions available!

For the vinyl record lover a classic jukebox makes a perfect gift!